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3 signs it’s time to drop your property manager

3 signs its time to drop your property management company“I love overpaying for bad service,” said no one ever.  And yet hundreds of Tucson homeowners and investors spend tons of money every month and get terrible service and results when it comes to their Tucson property management services!  Whether you are looking for someone to manage your Tucson home while you’re away or you own multiple real estate properties all over the Valley, hiring a bad property manager will ultimately end up costing you more money and time.  Here are 3 signs it’s time to drop your property manager.

1.) You’re paying too much for too little: Some home owners get cheated into paying excessive costs and get very little in return. When shopping for a good Tucson property management company, it pays to get competitive bids from at least three other companies. How else will you know if someone is charging way more fees and giving you way less service? If you’re paying 15 percent while other companies are charging 10 percent and you find that you still have to fight tenant battles and pay mysterious unauthorized repair costs, it may be in your best interest to drop your property manager.

2.) Their reviews and references are lousy: Reviews and references are a great indication that a business can truly do what they’re claiming they can do.  It’s in your best interest to read your property managers reviews and request references from the get go. You owe it to yourself to invest the time in making sure you’re hiring a reputable Tucson property management company. Can’t find a single good review or recommendation?  Don’t hire them, even if they have the best price.

3.) They don’t return emails or phone calls: Is there anything worse in the industry than not getting a phone call or an email returned?  When you’ve trusted your real estate investment to a Tucson property manager, you have the right to expect the courtesy of returned contact.  If you find that your property manager is constantly lax at returning calls or increasingly difficult to get a hold of when you need them, then it’s time to cut them lose.  Chances are, if you’re never able to reach them, than neither can your tenant.  Time is money and if a company is not willing to take the time to return calls and address your concerns, then they certainly aren’t worth your money!

There’s nothing worse than paying someone to do a job they don’t do well, because it makes you feel like you’re being cheated out of your hard earned money.  If you don’t take the time to do the research, you may end up with a property management company you can’t stand!  Expect good customer service, good references, and a reasonable comparative price for services or drop your bad property manager. If you’re looking for property management services in Tucson, please contact the Simply Property Management- Paielli Realty, Inc. team. We’re committed to providing the highest quality service and intimate, personalized approach for every client who walks through our door! – Greg

Greg Paielli

Simply Property Management – Paielli Realty, Inc.


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