Eviction FAQ


  • Are you attorneys?

No we are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice. We have attorneys that work with us and will use one in all eviction cases.

  • Can the tenant pay rent during this period?

Depending on state statue yes and the landlord must accept if the payments are in full including late charges and any other processing fees.

  • Do I have to appear in court?

Typically not.

  • Do I have to provide the tenant security deposit reconciliation after an eviction?

Yes. You are required to notify the tenant within the proper time how you reconciled the security deposit after an eviction.

  • Do you provide other services after the eviction?

Yes. We are a full service management company. We can make ready your unit, rent it out, collect rent and do any necessary maintenance.

  • How long is your agreement with me?

Your agreement will terminate when we hand possession of your property back to you.

  • How long will it take to evict someone?

Typically it takes between 30-45 days depending on the circumstances.

  • What do your services entail?

Our services include serving all appropriate notices, file court paper work, appearances in court.

  • What if the tenant tries to pay me?

You will direct them back to us. We will notify the tenants when we take over to contact us.

  • What will you need from me?

We will need an agreement with our company, a copy of the lease, application, any notices issued, w-9 and proof of insurance on your home.

  • Will we get a money judgment after the eviction is complete?

Yes if the court determines rent is owed you. You will then need to begin collection proceedings on a separate matter.

  • Will you manage the property during this period?

No unless you sign a management agreement with us prior to. We will notify the tenant that we represent the landlord on collection of rent only.