Having your home “rent ready” will allow us at Simply Property Management-Paielli Realty, Inc. to rent your property sooner putting more money in your pocket. Our experience also shows that a rent ready home should rent for more money and rent faster because you, the homeowner, will have to make less concessions to a potential renter. If the house looks great, it will rent. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to make sure the home is in rent ready condition.   If work is needed to be done on the property it is imperative that you send funds for the estimated amounts immediately so that we may promptly begin the needed work. It is Simply Property Management-Paielli Realty, Inc. policy; that work will not commence on your home until the money is received. Remember having your home rent ready will maximize your investment experience.

*Clean and prepped: property must be cleaned, undamaged and in rentable condition as defined below.

  1. Remove all paper, debris and garbage.
  1. Dust and vacuum throughout. One time insect treatment if necessary.
  1. Clean all hardwood or tile floors and grout.
  1. Clean walls and woodwork. (Some touch up paint may be required)
  1. Defrost and /or clean all appliances (Where applicable)
  1. Clean all cupboards inside and out.
  1. Clean all sinks and counters.
  1. Clean oven/stove inside and out.
  1. Clean all restroom surfaces including but not limited to, tubs, showers, sinks, mirrors, fixtures, medicine cabinets and floors.
  1. Clean all vents, exhaust fans, and replace air filters.
  1. Wash all windows and screens inside and out. Clean all window coverings and sills.
  1. Clean all patios.
  1. Have all light bulbs and smoke detectors in working order.
  1. Mow and edge yards, pull weeds, trim shrubbery and rake rock (where applicable).
  1. Clean and have the pool running with all of its fixtures and/or attachments (where applicable).
  1. Clean all carpets. Should be PROFESSIONALY cleaned.
  1. Window Coverings/Blinds and screens on all windows and sliding door.
  1. Ceiling fans in the master, living/family rooms, and a minimum of light fixtures in all other rooms.
  1. Landscaping in the front and rear yards is recommended.
  1. Paint interior; touch-up or possible full paint if needed with semi-gloss paint.
  1. Garage Door Openers recommended (if they are not currently installed)
  1. New Keys (including doors, mail, garage door openers, community and private pools- all house keys should be keyed the same).


*Without these items addressed, it may take much longer to rent the property and may require concessions, which costs you money.