While owning a rental property may seem like a pretty black and white operation, this is actually far from the truth. When you own rental property, you need to find a way to market a vacancy to the specific type of tenant that you want, who would also be interested in the property you are offering. However, to further complicate the issue, you also cannot discriminate in regard to who you are leasing to based on issues such as ethnicity, religion, gender, family status, etc. The good news is that by adding certain amenities or features to your rental property, you can have a much better chance of attracting the type of tenant that you want to rent to.

If you would like to offer a rental property that is appealing to higher end tenants, then you need to ensure that your property is able to stand out from the others that are currently being offered on the market. This may be achieved by installing a high-grade security system, wood flooring, quality landscaping or even higher end appliances. When you add these types of premium amenities to your rental property, you will have the ability to reach tenants that are considered higher end and also ask a higher rent amount.

However, as mentioned earlier, your will not be able to base your actual leasing decisions on the gender of a person. There is no security that women are typically the decision makers when it comes to housing. This means that you need to ensure that you have a rental property that would be appealing to a woman. This includes providing lighting and security in the parking areas, installing higher end kitchens and bathrooms that are more spacious.

If you want to make your property appealing for executives or professionals, then there are a number of areas to focus on here, as well. This includes ensuring you have a property that is considered luxurious. To create this type of property, consider providing high speed wireless internet, swimming pool, fitness center and even a high-tech security system.

The fact is that figuring out the tenant that would be most attracted to your property, and the kind that you want to attract, can be a bit challenging. If you are overwhelmed by this process, you should considering hiring Green Valley Property Management services for assistance.

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