Do you know the most common things that bad tenants lie about? If you are screening tenants for a property owner’s rental house, being aware of red flags is essential. As a Sahuarita Property Management service, you have to know what to look for and ensure that you can discover details that a potential tenant may be trying to hide.

Criminal History

Many tenants may try to hide the fact that they have a criminal history. These types of crimes include things such as rape, assault or armed robbery. However, they may also be hiding charges such as arson, auto theft, vandalism and burglary. Utilizing a reputable criminal background check service will ensure that any of these issues are discovered, prior to renting the property.

Drug Dealing, Trafficking or Making

There is no better place to hide an illegal drug business than in the middle of a residential neighborhood or an apartment complex. This is an issue that you don’t want to happen to you.

Credit Issues

This is not just regarding a person’s credit score, but whether or not they have been evicted from a residence in the past or if they have ever had their home foreclosed, had their wages garnished or been sued for an issue related to non-payment. Be sure that you are also on the lookout for deadbeat spouses and parents.

No Source of Income

Any applicant for a rental property knows that property managers are not going to lease their space to a person who does not have source any type of income, since they will not be able to pay the rent. There are some cases where a potential client will invent a large company where they work, hoping that you will not call to verify if this is true or not.

Their Renter’s History

You need to be diligent in discovering whether or not the potential renter left their last rental property damaged. You should also look out for anyone who was unable to pay their rent in a timely manner, have written checks that bounced or that have faced the police because of disturbing behavior.

The Number of People Living in the Rental

There are a number of renters who will be planning to provide shelter for their entire family. This can cause a nightmare related to clean-up when they move out.

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