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Top 3 Space Saving Stashes for your Home

One of the number one complaints homeowners have about their homes is the lack of storage. Somehow as a society we’ve acquired a need for more stuff with no place to put it all. If you’re like most people, keeping your environment neat and organized is something you desire for your home and a necessary evil. Having ample storage cuts down on clutter and saves you time when organizing your space. Here are the top 3 space saving stashes for your home you might not have considered.


Customizing the entry way in your custom home is a great way to fight clutter. Options like shoe cubbies, dual purpose wall hooks that double as lighting, entry way tables, and built-in cabinetry alcoves to hide unsightly messes can help keep your sanity the moment you walk in.


Kitchens are the heart of the home and unfortunately can house tons of clutter. Fortunately there’s no shortage of clever, space saving storage options for kitchens.  Consider adding cabinetry slide out cutouts that house kitchen essentials and alleviate taking up counter space, or pull-out garbage cans and composters to help rid your kitchen of trash. Adding a dual purpose mobile kitchen island that has built-in slots for appliance garages is also a way to make your kitchen more organized and less chaotic.


The bedroom is your sanctuary, but clothes everywhere, messy closets, and other assorted clutter can make it your least favorite place in your home. Again, there’s no shortage of storage options from beds with built-in storage drawers and headboards with shelving to creative dual purpose wall-mount lighting and storage options.

Space saving stashes for your home are really only limited by your imagination. Effective and clever space saving built-ins and furniture pieces can help rid your space of clutter and give you more peace of mind. If you’d like more space saving storage ideas or if you’d like information about renting a home in Tucson or need a Tucson property management company to manage your rental investment, please contact Simply Property Management- Paielli Realty, Inc.

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