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Tis the season for holiday shopping, big meals, and out of town family at your doorstep with eggnog and embarrassing stories about you as a child. The holidaysare upon us and the Christmas carols are already fired up and playing in the stores. And because this is the time of year to get caught up in the busyness season, it’s easy to neglect your rental property responsibilities as you focus on finding the perfect Thanksgiving turkey or getting yourChristmas shopping done. But property managementdoesn’t take a holiday break just because you want to. Now more than ever, you NEED a property manager before the holidays! Here are some hypothetical reasons why:

  • You’re sitting down for a family meal when your Tucson rental property tenant calls and says their heater is broken.
  • You’re stuck in the middle of a busy mall holiday shopping when you get the word that a troubling tenant has just destroyed your property and you have to evict them the day before Christmas. (And the very thought makes you feel like a Scrooge.)
  • You want to make some extra income before the end of the year but your Tucson rental home is a mess and you need to clean it up. But you barely have time between work, your children’s holiday recitals and various seasonal volunteering obligations.
  • Your Tucson rental home is ready to rent but you’ve yet to find a suitable tenant who’s background check doesn’t scare you to death.
  • You’ve just booked the perfect holiday cruise and you’ll be out of the country for two weeks with no one to collect rents from your tenants.

With all the craziness that the holiday season brings, don’t let your property management fall by the wayside. Simply Property Management-Paielli Realty, Inc. is more than happy to take care of the tough stuff this holiday so you don’t have to! We offer a wide variety of services that help us successfully manage your property, and maintain the highest standards in the services we provide. Our crew of knowledgeable experts can assist you with everything from remodeling services and tenant screening, to rent collection, eviction services and much more!

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